Combi Boilers - Servicing - Annual Safety Checks

We Offer Gas Services In Middlesex - Surrey - London

Gravity Fed Heating System Combination Boiler Heating System

We carry out boiler servicing on all major boiler manufacturers. We are a prompt and reliable and friendly service to our customers. Most of our work is referrals from satisfied clients and our Checkatrade Reviews speaks for itself.

All boilers need to be serviced every 12 months to make sure they run efficiently and to ensure that they are not using too much gas. Most manufacturers recommend that their boilers are serviced in line with their guidelines to validate their warranty.

In addition, many insurance companies make servicing a required part of their terms and conditions.

So it makes good financial sense to have your boiler serviced regularly. Our servicing routines cover the following:

  • Gas boiler servicing
  • Central heating - full check including bleeding radiators
  • Condensing boiler servicing (Combi)
  • Boiler parts replaced at additional cost
  • Heating system updates / upgrades
  • Power flushing at additional cost
  • Installing Magna Clean filter to the central heating system at additional cost