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Up to 10 Years Warranty on selected Baxi boilers. Call for advice.

Contact Us About Baxi Boilers The BAXI - A MASSIVE 10 YEARS WARRANTY - The BAXI combi boiler range comes in a scaled guarantee warranty depending on which model is chosen from a wide range of products.

The complete design from component specification, manufacture and build, through to consumer use, is engineered with quality in mind and it carries with the trusted trader recommendation from WHICH.

All models in the Baxi range deliver premium performance, reliability and value for money and the current combi range is shown here together with the warranties on offer.

Baxi 800 range is shown below. All types will be discussed with you to arrange the best option that fits your needs the most.

This Baxi range has been designed to meet the changing needs of consumers and consists of the Baxi 825 Combi, Baxi 830 Combi, Baxi 836 Combi, Baxi 818 System and the Baxi 824 System.

Each Baxi boiler in the 800 range has a central flue design and comes with a 10-year parts and labour warranty so that we can give our customers complete peace of mind. Each boiler also comes with a compact ADEY Magnaclean Micro2 magnet system filter to protect the heating system and further reassure customers.

Key features of the 800 combi boiler include:

  • Central flue.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger.
  • Brass hydraulics
  • Easy fill loop
  • 29.5 kg weight
  • OpenTherm compatible
  • 10 year warranty
  • ADEY filter included

A new heating system will always vastly improve efficiency but it can be a sizeable investment, so it’s important to choose wisely. M uch like buying any other large appliance, it makes sense to look beyond the purchase price, and to consider the lifetime costs of the boiler. Therefore, at Spence Heating we take the time and effort to assess your needs and research all your heating options before we make our recommendations. Please contact us for a detailed survey.